i can haz house?

May 28, 2009

So we’ve talked a little bit about buying a home or something. Rather a daunting enterprise, innit. So I’ve spent quite a while today looking around the Internet for home listings and things. Have found some places that look interesting, but you know, most of them (that would be in our price range) are perty dang old, and I really don’t want an old house.

With that in mind I thought, “Hmm, maybe pull a Dad and build a HiLine home then?” So on my own here I’m looking into that. Will share with Dave later. But here’s what I’ve found: if we can buy a lot of land for, say, $30-40,000, and stick a small HiLine home on it for $40-70,000 or so, we’re still around $70-110,000 and I think we could manage a mortgage in that area (plus property taxes and insurance), assuming we went for say a 30-yr loan with an APR of 6-8%. Of course, if we did buy a lot of land (for example, there’s this one nearby – thanks Barb!) we may have to clear and level it and all that other pre-build prep, and I have NO idea how much that would run. So I e-mailed the HiLine people and asked them about that and whether they handle pre-build stuff and/or consult/refer. La la la. We’ll see.

So Dave’s home now and he’s bought gin and various other alcohol-related products. I’mma go kiss on him now. Will probably write more on this later. =P


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