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the carpet

May 14, 2009

Met with our landlord last night about our carpet in the living room (ugly stained berber with those light brown and green and beige colours that are meant to hide dirt, yuck). He’s like, OK, well, he’ll hire a professional cleaner for it and if that doesn’t do the trick then maybe he’ll have some laminate put in. And I’m all…. yeeEAAAAaah! Just like that. =P So the cleaners are coming tomorrow morning.

Who else is coming over tomorrow? Mum and Mark! =) Very happy. We were maybe going to go see a baseball game but their flight gets in too late for that, so. *shrug* Instead we’re going to do dinner out someplace. =D

I keep avoiding dusting everything. What the hey? It’s not like it’s hard! But I think I must be especially smitten with the lazy disease, because I’ll think about doing something and put it off and then think about it some more and put it off some more… yikes. You’d think I’d be a cleaning Nazi or something because of my obsession with clean hands, but… I guess it doesn’t work that way.

I skipped iKnow for the past two days, I can’t believe it! I was on such a roll, too… oh well. Did it today so I’ll just try to stick with it. Also I need to try and get up earlier than 9 or 10 every morning. *sigh* Okite kudasai! <_<


what in the world…?

May 8, 2009

So I was really tired and altered the default image of the Misty theme last night. Dave gets it anyway, hurray! =P

I’m feeling really tired. I’m tired of feeling tired and I’m tired of hearing news about this swine flu too. It’s all been way overblown, in my completely uneducated opinion. Of course, I didn’t know before that the annual flu kills around 30k people in the US alone each year. That freaks me out a bit – as if I didn’t worry myself with anything and everything! Ah well, I’m not gonna let it get to me.

Bah, productivity. I haven’t done my iKnow! yet today or anything, really, except for the laundry and the dishes and so on. Barb’s coming to get me (in about 5-10 minutes I guess) to go to the recycling center so we can get rid of some of this glass. I’m all about the recycling. It saves so much room in the garbage can – and I hear it’s good for the environment, too! Fancy that. <_<